Thursday, 1 October 2015

Connais ton artiste

Recently I visited the exhibition up at Galerie René Blouin with David Lafrance - tune in to CKUT today to hear his musings on the paintings of Anthony Burnham, Chris Kline, and Nicolas Lachance. We'll also hear about David's own work. En français!

David Lafrance's Demolition, oil on canvas, 2015

Also, this evening a show called Touché par la lumière: peinture et métaphysique opens at the McClure gallery. Curated by David Elliott, it brings together the work of Matthieu Bouchard, Bea Parsons, Ludovic Cléroux, and Allison Katz. Listen in for the wee chat I had with Matthieu about the exhibition. En anglais!

If you can't catch it live, download it from the archives.

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